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Our advantages
The structure of TM Vitomax contains only natural phytochemicals that have a profound positive effect on animal health.
TM products Vitomax has curative and preventive orientation, which is achieved through well-selected composition ingredients.
Through the use of technology and expertise of European experts, Vitomax TM products meet the standards of quality veterinary products.
Our products

The map contains information for the regional managers and the official distributor of Vitomax in regions of Ukraine. When you hover over the icon your area on the map of Ukraine you will see the appropriate contact information.
TM Vitomax products exclusively represented in Ukraine by "Ezhachok!" through distributors in the field. Each region is supposed to have several officials receiving goods at the same price, which have the ability to distribute vitamins to any sales channels: clinics, pharmacies, pet shops, wholesale customers, etc. The only condition for the official dealerships is adherence of recommended retail prices.
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